Nowata County, OK

Out of the 77 counties in Oklahoma, Nowata County is very unique. Nowata County is home to less than 11,000 people and with only one stop light! Nowata has no zoning regulations, nor building permits to purchase outside of the community's city limits. Nowata is located within 1 hour of the world's largest air maintenance center and 30 minutes to the 3rd largest oil company. This county also has two U.S. Highways 169/60 that intersect in Nowata.

Several colleges, universities and vo-tech schools are within 30-60 minutes driving. Nowata County for several years has been in the top ten for whitetail deer buck harvest and has 2 wild turkey seasons. Lake Oologah and the Verdigris River are present for fishing and water recreation. Nowata County is only a 45 minute drive into the Tulsa Metro-plex, and has access to 5 different livestock sale barns through the week to market your livestock.